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Bitter Gourd Curry, heals your skin

Bitter gourds are good source of vitamins, minerals especially vitamin A, B1, B2, C and iron and has dietary fiber. It is low in calories and has lot of medicinal properties . It is said to be very useful in case of diabetic and also helps in treating blood disorders. Ayurveda always looks at the base cause of any disorders, so any skin problems is because of impurity in the bloodstream. It helps to improve the immune system and increases body's resistance against infection. So do not ignore this vegetable because of its bitter taste. Now to the simple recipe - Bitter gourd curry. It tastes great with chapatti, roti and goes well as a side dish for rice. Ingredients: Bitter gourd (pavakkai)

Green Kitchari

Thanks to Banyan Botanicals, I just starting making my Kitchari with their organic Green Mung Beans for a change and it is fantastic! This version of Kitchari uses all Vata pacifying spices and therefore, it is great for the arrival of the fall! Ingredients: - 5 table spoons of Ghee - 2 tbs Cumin seeds - 1 Cinnamon bark - 1 tbs Turmeric powder - 2 tbs chopped fresh ginger root - 1/2 small onion thinly sliced - 1 cup sprouted green mung dhal (found on Banyan botanical website or moksha brampton) - 1/2 cup Basmati rice, rinsed 3 times and soaked for 20 minutes - 1 bunch Kale, chopped, use stems if you like - 1 cup herbs, cilantro and parsley and a little dill chopped - 1/2 tbs himalayan salt t

Easing into a simple fall cleanse - Stage one

Autumn has arrived. Trees are turning colors, daylight is waning, and the nights are becoming cooler. Summer’s sun and heat are surrendering to the cool, soft embrace of fall weather. If you have decided to join us for the simple, healing, Ayurvedic cleanse you know that there are 4 stages. This post should help you make sure stage one is either complete or on its way to completion! Autumn from An Ayurvedic Perspective In Ayurveda, each season is associated with a dosha, with autumn being linked to vata dosha. The qualities of fall weather and vata dosha are dry, mobile, subtle, and cool. Plants and leaves dry up and turn color. The sun’s light is more subtle. Temperatures become cooler. In

How Can Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon & Fennel Tea Make You Feel Great?

AYURVEDIC ANALYSIS Cardamom, Cinnamon, ginger and fennel improve circulation, digestion and warm up the body. This tea is great between meals to reset your palate. It makes an excellent fall tonic. WHY SHOULD YOU EAT AYURVEDICALLY? Eating Ayurvedically makes you feel nourished and energized. An Ayurvedic diet is tailored to your individual body type and the specific imbalances you are working with at any given time. Foods that supplement your specific body type’s needs and digest easily create your menu. Watch as you eat less but feel more satisfied because what you are eating truly nourishes you. Since Ayurveda believes all disease begins in the digestive tract, food is your first medicine.

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