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June 16, 2017

“He who uses takra daily does not suffer from diseases, and diseases cured by takra do not recur; just as amrita (divine nector) is for the gods, takra is to humans.” Bhavaprakasha Chpt 6.7

According to Ayurevda, digestion is the root cause of many disease! We now see this in modern science we know more than ever, how important the gut bacteria is! The bacteria inside of you is ultimately responsible for all you digest, all the nutrients that flow in your bodily channels (Srotas) and in the end this bacteria is simply you and your emotions. 

In addition to this Ayurveda teaches us that our bodies are made up of over 33,000 channels (Srotas). Some of these channels are big like the heart arteries and some are very fine like the micro blood veins, however, they all are meant to hold space for substances to flow through them, the problem occurs when things get stock in the Srotas. In Ayurveda we call this Ama or toxins. Ama is a white, sticky, heavy and gross substance th...

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