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July 9, 2019

The summer has definitely begun! This year in Ontario, it took a long time to see it coming but finally it is here. The heat outside is unbearable!! So how do you take care of yourself beyond the iced lemonade?!

The heat and humidity of early summer is especially challenging to Pitta Kapha individuals (like myself). As muggy as it is outside, your body is experiencing the same "weather" internally. The heat and moisture naturally present in Pitta and Kapha constitutions leads to swelling and puffiness in June. Heat dilates blood vessels, causing water retention in Kapha individuals. Fungal and parasite infections thrive in this climate. Read on to find out how to address this.

End of spring, beginning of summer purges the last bit of water from the body as the weather really heats up. While Vata's dryness leaves them especially prone to dehydration, everyone needs to be mindful of water intake and electrolyte balance. Though there's lots of heat and moisture in the air, sweat easily pour...

July 6, 2018

Healthy eating feels like a luxury when you're on the go. The drive-thru can be a tempting option when you are running around town with a hungry belly. Fortunately, there are satisfying and healthy ways to nourish yourself when life gets busy. This month I will be adding some helpful tips on this blog. But let's begin with this tasty smoothie.

Normally in Ayurveda smoothies and cold foods are not recommended for Vata and Kapha types but since we are in the Pitta season it is safe to assume this balancing recipe will be beneficial for all types of doshas.

One of the most important things to remember in making smoothies is not to combine too many ingredients and definitely not to combine the "incompatible foods". These foods include mixing of any kind of fruits with veggies. So stay clear with using one or another and only one or two main ingredients mixed with a good source of fat like coconut oil or almond butter (for the summer is great) or ghee (for all doshas and all seasons).


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Summer smoothie - for those on the go

July 6, 2018

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