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Persian Saffron, Lentil Soup

Persian Culture is vast and depending on which region you look at, traditions, food and culture change. However there are certain staple recipes most region use.

"Adasi" (little lentil soup) is one of those recipes. This food is packed with Iron, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Magnesium, a full form of protein and packed with fibre can not go wrong having this delicious vegetarian food for a wholesome lunch or light dinner. To add to all these beautiful benefits is the added saffron. Saffron is used in almost every Persian Recipe!! More expensive and valuable than Gold, Saffron grows in the north east region of Iran, Khorasan Province.

Saffron's aromas can be enough to make your mouth water but be sure you get the real and right kind from the Persian Grocery Store. Saffron is used as an antidepressant, full of antioxidant and has cancer reducing properties.

This food is also Tri-Doshic and good for all Doshas as it has balancing spices such as Turmeric, Cumin and Cinnamon. So here we go:

  • 1 Onion and 2 cloves of garlic cooked in ghee with added pinch of steeped Saffron: This is the base of almost all Persian Recipes.

  • 2 Potatoes: You can use yukon or gold potatoes

  • Green lentils: These are the Mediterranean style lentils

  • Spices: This classic Persian soup recipe calls for simple spices. You need salt, pepper and turmeric. Add cumin and cinnamon (optional).

  • Home-made Vegetable stock: Or not you can buy the store stocks however be mindful of the sodium levels and use of vegetable oils.


Start by cutting the onion and garlic in small cubes, sauté in ghee until golden brown. In the meantime grab a small pinch of saffron (remember less goes a long way) crush the saffron and add 1/3 cup of boiling hot water and let steep while your onion mix cooks, about 10 minutes).

Add the saffron mix with the water to the onions. Add chopped potatoes and sauté.

Add lentils and all the spices (I like to use a loving hand of each spice but around 1tsp) and let the lentils be covered in everything.

Pour vegetable stock until lentils are covered. Turn the heat down and cover to cook for about 45 minutes.

Add some fresh lemon and some raw olive oil when you serve.

Bon Appettite my loves!

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