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Herbs of August

Vata season moves to centre stage in August - one of the most challenging times of year to keep healthy. As the air dries out the August sun seems shrill and blindingly bright, heavier, cooler, more soothing herbs are needed. August herbs should moisten the body and balance the dry heat.

If you tend towards weakness, low immunity, or scattered emotions in the fall, earthyashwagandha, ashwagandha ghee and delightful chyavanprash can strengthen your body and mind in preparation for a challenging season. Chyavanprash is Ayurveda's number one tonic for children, given lovingly by parents for generations every autumn.

Sweet, affectionate herbs such as Shatavari are vidari are ideal ojas (immunity) building herbs to nurturing your body at the start of fall. Liver nourish and support nourishes your liver, which may be dry, weak and deficient from several months of summer heat.

Nerves and muscles often become tense and delicate in August as the dryness of fall approaches. It's essential to protect your body from stress & anxiety this time of year. Ashwagandha can restore steady supply of energy as its adaptogenic qualities make stress a breeze.

August is a pivotal month. Use these guidelines to set yourself up for a bountiful fall. As summer begins to evaporate, be sure to delight in the pleasure of these last days of respite while giving your body the tender loving care it craves.

All the above herbs are avaible at the studio :)Please note use of herbs is very specific in the ayurvedic science and an ayurvedic practitioner might put you on an herb and not the other depending on what your Dosha and current imbalances are. For more help contact me here.

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