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The Golden goddess

Most of us know turmeric (Curcuma longa) as the vibrant orange powder, by now, we have all heard about the many benefits of this root. And many of us use turmeric root powder in our cooking, particularly if we have an affinity for preparing Indian-inspired dishes. Similar to the root-like component of its cousin ginger, turmeric has been a staple of Indian food traditions for millennia and has a long history of healing use (over 4000 years) in Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese, and Siddhic medicinal traditions.

Turmeric’s role in Hindu devotional and sacred ceremonies is alluded to by one of its Sanskrit names: Kanchani, the “Golden Goddess,” perhaps so called because its beautiful golden hue generously bestows healing to a wide range of ailments.

Today, I am going to share an even more healing version of this Golden Goddess as lately I have seen in many of my clients the need for rejuvenation! It has been a long, cold, dark winter up here in the northern hemisphere.

I have added Shatavri (asparagus Racemosus) which is THE Ayurvedic herb for women. The name Shatavari means "she who posses 100 husbands", owing to its rejuvenating effect on the female body. The root powder of this herb has been used for centuries by women to support there reproductive system, promote fertility, strengthen their uterus, regulate menstrual cycle and improve lactation. It also supports normal oestrogen (hormone) production and utilization.

Add Ashwaganda, Tulsi (holy basil) and Amalaki which are all very important and rejuvenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicine and you for yourself the recipe to strength, rejuvenation and vitality specially in winter months.


makes 2 cups of the golden goddess

- 1/2 tea spoon organic turmeric powder

-1/3 teaspoon Amalaki powder (sold at the studio or most health food stores, full of antioxidants and vitamins C)

-1/2 tea spoon Ashwaganda powder

-1/2 teaspoon Tulsi powder

-1/2 teaspoon grass-fed ghee

Put the ghee in a small pot and cook until liquid, add all herbs and bring to life for 20 seconds. Bringing the herbs to life, herbs awaken, this makes the aroma to come out as well. Then warm up the Milk (non-homoganized or raw cow milk, if you are a Vegan or prefer not to have cow milk then you can replace with coconut, cashew or Almond milk) in a separate pot warm up the milk and add to the herbs, lower the heat and allow to steep for about 20 minutes until the milk is completely golden and all herbs get cooked into it. Strain and enjoy hot!

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