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Balanced Doshas with Coffee

I know I love my one drink of coffee a day, I love the taste but sometimes this interrupts my Data Doshas by aggravating and over stimulating the nerves fo me. If you are the same this recipe is for you.

Coffee is stimulating and depleting, but adding butter & coconut oil can help mitigate the harmful effects of coffee. Grass-fed butter and nourishing coconut oil contain stable, healthy saturated fats that soothe your nerves and help protect your stomach lining from acidic coffee. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, but is also a very strong stimulant and is therefore only recommended on occasion in Ayurveda. Body-Kind Coffee is one of the few ways that Vata-types can safely enjoy a cup of coffee with getting over-stressed and depleting their adrenals. Grass-fed, organic butter (the kind that is very yellow) is rich in Vitamin A, which is a key for adrenal and thyroid health.

The good fats have the ability to balance the Doshas and kindle the Agni or fire of your digestion. The cardamom seeds alkalize the drink and balance the negative effects of caffeine. In general this recipe will make a wonderful digestive out of your regular drink. I have to mention the importance of using organic coffee specially for women! Studies has shown that non-organic coffee is one ion the major causes of breast cancer in women. (read more in the book: Balance your hormones, balance your life by Dr.Claudia Welch)

1 tsp. Ghee

1 tsp. Coconut oil

1/4 tsp. Cardamom (ground) or 1 pod Cardamom seed

1 cup brewed organic coffee

Choose grass-fed, organic ghee whenever possible. You can make your own ghee at home or try our home made ghee, available at Modo Yoga Brampton. Brew a fresh batch of coffee using the coffee grounds and pour one and a half cup (12oz) into a blender. Add coconut oil, ghee, and cardamom, and blend until smooth. Mix ingredients by hand if no blender is available.

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