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Coconut & Beet Soup for Rakta Dhatu

Rakta dhatu refers to the primary fire of the body. The word rakta means colored as well as reddened. In the physical body, rakta refers directly to the blood, specifically the red blood cells, and indirectly to the tendons and the bile.. Rakta dhatu is more than blood. It is the carrier of the fire that invigorates the body and mind. As such, when rakta dhatu is healthy, a person feels energized with a healthy passion for life. When rakta dhatu is in excess, heat in the body increases, the tissues of the body experience inflammation, and the mind experiences greater intensity and sharper focus. When rakta dhatu is deficient, the heat in the body decreases and the tissues of the body become cold and stiff while the mind loses its sharpness and focus. Roots naturally have the ability to balance rakta dhatu.

From a western perspective beets are full of vitamin iron, folate and manganese.

Folate is an essential B vitamin plays a vital role in various functions in the body and can help reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and strokes. Because it is not found naturally in many of the foods that the “American” diet are comprised of, many foods are fortified with folic acid (the synthetic form of folate) to prevent deficiency. Unfortunately, many of the fortified foods are refined starches like breads, breakfast cereals and flour. Even more, many will take folic acid as a dietary supplement. Taking it in the form of food is so much more absorbent and essential.

If you find beets are too bitter for you keep cooking them and their earthy, sweet taste will come out. Additionally the spices recommended here will balance the heaviness of coconut flakes and bitterness of roots.

1 c BEETS 1/4 tsp BLACK PEPPER + Cumin seeds + Fennel seeds

1/4 tsp Tumeric

1/4 c COCONUT FLAKES 2 tbsp Ghee 1/2 inch GINGER (FRESH)

1/2 c FRESH MINT LEAVES (for topping)

1 tsp GREEK YOGURT (for topping)


Chop the beets and puree with equal quantity water in a blender. Add all ingredients into a pot and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for a half hour. Top with mint leaves and a spoon full of greek yogurt (optional).

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