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Rasa Shake for winter

As many of you are aware, Ayurveda highly recommends staying away from cold foods and drinks but specially in the winter time which is Vata season.

Vata is the season of air+ether element. The qualities or Gunas of such elements are cold, mobile, rough, subtle and dry. Think about it, if these elements are dominant in the environment we are in (winter time, our skin gets dry, we feel cold and possibly lightness settles in the body and mind) and we consumes foods or drinks that add these qualities ( AKA your healthy, cold smoothies or shakes) then we are going to experience more of these qualities and not less!

Look back and see what your ancestors were doing 100 years ago in the middle of winter, were they eating cold salads and smoothies or making warm, nourishing stews and soups?! We intuitionally and hereditary know this knowledge. So, for those if you who are going to fight me for your healthy smoothie in the morning, I have developed this nourishing, warm and smooth recipe. Replace it with this shake and see how your body begins to thank you.

Rasa means nourishment. In the winter time we do not need to detoxify, we need to nourish the tissues. Therefore this shake is a Rasayana.

A shake for ojas

If you want to eat to promote truly good health, blend up this delicious date shake.

The dates, milk and ghee that make up this shake are not only nourishing and tasty, they are also known in Ayurveda to build ojas. Ojas is an energy (and some sources say an actual substance) in your body. Ojas creates vitality, strong immunity and a sense of blissfulness. It is that “glow” that you see in truly healthy people.

Simple Ayurvedic Recipe: Date shake If you’re hesitant about cow milk (in Ayurveda cow's milk is believed to have many healing properties however in today's world if you do not know where your milk comes from better not to use it, if you are like me and you know a good farm then cow's milk s highly recommended), you can use Almond or Oat milk.

Serves 1 Preparation time: 10 minutes Augmenting

You'll need

1 cup organic whole milk (preferably raw, but at least unhomogenized. You may also substitute fresh almond milk) 1 tsp. ghee 4 fresh dates (soaked over night) 1/2 tsp. cardamom

Here's how

Warm the milk, ghee and spices in a small pan until it just begins to boil. Stir gently. Remove from the heat and let cool for a few minutes. Pit the soaked dates and place them in a blender. Add the spiced milk and blend well. Drink consciously, enjoying each sip in your mouth. Finish it up with a smile and the knowing that all is well.

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