10 Day VITALITY Spring Cleanse

With Paras Moghtader & Guest speaker Christine Bergsma @journaling_through

APRiL 07 - 16



a 10 day step by step cleanse plan to get your vitality back on track

April 7-16th


The Vitality Cleanse was designed by Paras , to provide an experience that is both effective in facilitating detoxification, while also nourishing for body, mind and spirit. The first 3 days of the cleanse we are easing our way in, the middle part is when all the detox happens (focused on flushing our liver and gallbladder and cleaning our physical body) and the last 3 days we re-nourish our body and mind. The cleanse is perfect whether you are an experienced cleanser or if this is your first cleansing experience, and is particularly effective for individuals who have struggled with cleanses that have been challenging or not effective in the past. 

Working with Christine at the end of our cleanse will allow you to create a fresh start for your goals and life. In her words: "Our guided journals help people through life-altering events from cancer to dealing with the covid pandemic. I’m passionate about writing and the transformative power of journaling as part of a holistic wellness lifestyle. Having been diagnosed with Complex PTSD myself, I am uniquely positioned to understand traumatic experiences, but more importantly, how to heal."

How it works:

  • 3 live lecture sessions that will be recorded for participants, to begin, to support and to nourish 

  • 2 live yoga classes that will be recorded, focused on clearing our mind as well as cleaning our bodies

  • Journaling and setting up goals for our overall health and wellbeing with Christine

  • Step by step PDF of our cleanse + Recipes

  • Spring herbal mix ( will make cleanse more effective but is optional)

Participants in the cleanse can expect:

  • Increased energy levels by the end of the ten days

  • Better digestive fire, post digestion ease

  • Heightened mental clarity

  • Diminished cravings for sugar, caffeine and processed foods

  • Motivation to make better food choices, eat more mindfully, and stay committed to self-care

  • A community to share with during this uncertain time




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