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About Paras

I grew up passionate about the power we have to heal and restore our bodies and minds from trauma.  As a child that grew in war-torn environments, I’ve lived with trauma my entire life and have learned how to expand beyond the impact of it so that I can live my life with balance, fulfillment, and ease.  As I’ve navigated through my own experiences, I’ve learned how to take others on their own journey’s so that they can develop empowering practices that help them expand into the realities that help them feel safe, aligned, and motivated by purpose. I’m a relentless support system and guide for all that trust me to use my 15 years of experience to help them heal. 

With that said, Hello, Loves, my name is Paras and I’m here to be your guide. I am an ayurvedic practitioner, long-time yogi,  clinical counselor, and master coach. If you have found yourself experiencing insecurity or pain around your health and the fulfillment of your life, then I invite you to explore this website so that you can learn about the various modalities that I have created to help you along your journey. 

With over 15 years of experience, I use ancient and modern healing methods to help my clients access their inner wisdom and apply that wisdom to their health and happiness. 

Whether your challenge is physical, mental, or emotional, I’ve gathered wisdom to support your short-term goals and long-term transformation.

I stand by the techniques I embody to hold you in all your experiences as I introduce you to a step-by-step journey of discovering who you truly are and can be. 

My passions have led me to become board-certified through the following:

⦁    National Ayurvedic Medicine Association

⦁    Canadian Professional Counsellors Association

⦁    Hakomi Mindfulness Somatic Psychotherapy 

⦁    National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching

⦁    Yoga Alliance certified Advanced Yoga Teacher and Educator  

Frankly, I love to learn, and I’m honoured to share it all with you in a customized way to your journey.

Explore the various offerings that I have made available to you and know that I’m available as a space-holder for any fears, worries, or insecurities that may come around allowing you the courage to heal. 



Enjoy this meditation for difficult times to help you release limiting beliefs around healing and uncover your highest self and potential.


Holistic Mind Therapy and Ayurvedic Practices complement each other as essential pillars of the journey towards deeply aligned transformation. From what you eat to how you think, you are being invited to embrace your healing with confidence and trust. 


By experiencing a connection to your body and the tools available to help integrate the flow of change, you discover your true power to heal, cultivating health and happiness from the inside, out.


About The Program

Too many of the people I met have allowed their experiences with divorce, disease, betrayal, and trauma to define who they are and what their future is going to be. This program offers Ayurvedic medicine, practices, modalities, and expert resources for your healing journey with the one-on-one support you deserve.

Healing starts with learning how to tap into your body's needs by implementing practices and changing the quality of the mind. By utilizing ancient and modern healing methods like Ayurveda, meditation, breath, and mindfulness, I help you create a strong and balanced body and mind.

During our time together, you'll reach a state of oneness with the Divine through incorporating a holistic approach to mind and body, establishing an ideal foundation for your divinity to emanate through you. You'll receive additional information and customized coaching exercises that are guaranteed to accelerate your results to help you achieve major breakthroughs and transformation in your body - and your life. While balanced, clear, and focused, you can feel safe to step forward into a new way of being, with true fulfillment, integrity, and optimal health.

The Purpose of your Dosha is a program that supports you in healing health related discomfort with ancient remedies and in releasing emotional chaos by uncovering your powerful, higher self.

By incorporating a holistic, ayurvedic approach to healing the mind and body, we'll establish a foundation of divine strength and independence for you to build a future on.

This program is designed around ayurvedic medicine practices, mindful movement healing and a customized coaching exercises that help you achieve major breakthroughs and transformation in your mind, body, and overall life.


8-24 week private one-on-one coaching sessions


Access to my 12 pillars of transformation with easy learning, step by step reading and audio materials


Six 90 minute morning sessions with me to share yoga, meditation and practice integrating ancient wisdom into your daily life


10 Audio Meditation downloads to take you on a journey inward to get to know yourself 

The Purpose of Your Doshas includes:


Access to my yoga healing videos plus specific yoga postures for healing your mind, body and spirit


A step by step workbook of all of our lessons, exercises and quizzes so you can refer back to them when needed


Emergency email support and WhatsApp messaging between sessions


Accessing the Akashic field and deep integration

With over 15 years immersed in this work, combined with 20 years of personal transformation, I want you to know I understand taking any step toward a new life can make you ask yourself "Where do I begin?" The fact that you're reading these words tells me that you're ready to create a stronger, more efficient and balanced body and mind through raising your self-worth with Ayurveda, breath, and mindfulness. I believe the first step to your healing begins here. 


You can live with deeper alignment, endless power and support as you discover your Wisdom Within, and you're so worthy of this transformation! Gain the confidence to be interdependent, and learn how to nurture yourself so you can truly establish a powerful connection with your highest self. I'm honoured to invite you to embark on this life-changing journey where I can help you discover how to take your wholeness to the next level, so you can begin living a life of happiness, health and wellness.

Since I started working with Paras 1.5 years ago, my whole life has turned around. I went from being in a stuck place to a place of thriving. With all the caring attention I received session after session, I started realizing the impact of my own powerful mind, the relation between my body and my mentality and from there everything changed for me. I can say with confidence the person I am today with that clear mind and focused life, I owe to our sessions.

Adam R.

Everything I have learned about Ayurveda, has been a direct reflection of paras' teachings, inspirations, and on-going learning. Paras is not only of service to me in this right, but also of service to the many other beings in my orbit who learn little snippets from my enthusiasm for Ayurveda. I believe her greatest skill is practicing sensitive strength – in all of her relationships: friendships, motherhood, teacher/student, human.

Jessica D.

When I first met Paras, I knew I was meant to do more work with her. After 2.5 years of coaching with Paras my entire life has shifted from constantly being in a place of surviving to being in a place where I can enjoy my own company and the company of my children and those around me. I see now why the work starts with you and then ripples all through your life. Coaching with Paras has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Jenn T.

In our first session, we will go through your health history, family dynamics, the map of your life and current state of well-being. Together we develop the right program that suits your Dosha (constitution) including the right diet, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, and mindful therapy methods that fit your unique quality. We will then choose a time of the week that best matches your schedule to meet on a weekly basis for 1.5-6 months depending on what is needed. At your final session we will review everything. 

Step 1 - Book the initial 90-minute in-depth session with me for $400.

Step 2 - After our call decide which program length is for you. (the initial amount will then go towards a program of your choice, if you choose to stay on)

Step 3 - Arrange a payment plan and get started on your healing journey.

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